Over the course of the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve written a few in-depth profiles of some of my Soul heroes, and I’d like to offer specific links to those pieces here… even I have a hard time finding them!

Reggie Young

“From the early days of Rockabilly to the dawn of Memphis R&B and Soul, Reggie Young was there. From Top 40 Pop hits to gutbucket bar-room Juke Box Country, Reggie Young was there too. Few, if any, guitarists can lay claim to the amount of chart success he has had over the years… he was indeed America’s Guitar Player.”

Junior Lowe

“Quiet, unassuming, this man has stayed out of the spotlight for decades, while others got all the glory. At eighty years old, he remains an under-appreciated national treasure, and I am truly honored to have finally met him and shook his hand. I have my friend Billy Lawson to thank for that, and I hope he knows how much that means to me… and Junior, if you ever read this, please rest assured that your legacy will live on forever.

Willie Hightower

“As you might have heard, the big news coming out of this year’s Ponderosa Stomp is the return of Soul Legend Willie Hightower. Backed by our friends The Bo-Keys, Willie came roaring back with a smoking set that just blew everyone away… as Soul fans, I think we have been afforded a rare opportunity here to welcome this legend of a man back into the public eye, and let him know how much he and his work have been loved and appreciated all these years…”

Darryl Carter

“I’m the only one who cut hits at all three major studios in Memphis,”  Darryl said. Intrigued, I spoke with him again soon after I got back to New York, and started up a conversation that’s been going on ever since…”

Chips Moman

“Like some solitary figure out of the old west, you never know where he might turn up. Just when you think you know him, you find out that maybe you didn’t know him after all, and he’s on his way out of town. Enigmatic, elusive, he travels alone…”

Sir Lattimore Brown

This is a four part series that tells the story of my journey with Lattimore after his 2008 rediscovery and eventual return to the stage. “The fact remained, however, that Lattimore didn’t have a home. Not really. Not since Katrina had come and blown his life away. ..”