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bobby williams

“I am looking for information about the captioned singer who was based in Florida. As far as I know, Bobby was born in Washington DC and relocated to Florida and had been recording since the late 50s. He released several 45s and 3 LPs from Rew and R&R labels in 1975 or so. His last 45 was for the Nickelodeon label in North Carolina.”

shirley ellis

“I’m sorry to trouble you, but I was wondering if you knew anything about Shirley Ellis (of The Name Game fame) and what might have become of her. I’m placing her music in a commercial and am trying to make sure that all the payments make it to her, but we’ve got no current contact info and very little to go on…”

james lewis fields

“I have just heard for the first time (shame on me) James Lewis Fields ‘How Long Shall I Wait’ on the Top Pop label out of NY. As soon as I heard it I said Lee Fields (the clue is in the second and third names), as this sounds like James Brown as did Lee Fields – who was known as ‘Little James Brown’. Looking around the net there is no reference to this…”

the starrs

“I’ve got a seriously mysterious record that’s been driving me nuts for over two years. A really great record. No listing for the label, no info on the group anywhere, not even a BMI listing for the b-side song, which is credited to Ike Turner, or the publishing company itself. Three other folks more savvy than I have looked into it and we can’t find anything…”

lee roberts

Soul Heaven was recorded just a couple of months before Arthur was hospitalized because of his illness… I said goodbye to him just a few hours before he passed away. I’ll never forget the words we said and the look he gave me. I was very close to Arthur and I lost a friend. Such a pity that such a great talent did not shine more for this world…”

the memphis boys again

“The long awaited ‘Soundtrack to Roben Jones’ Book’, Memphis Boys – The Story of American Studios is to be released here in the States on March 13th. As our man John Broven says in his excellent introductory essay, ‘It seems scarcely credible that ‘Memphis Boys’ is the first compilation devoted to Chips Moman’s American Recording Studios…’  It most certainly does…”

melvin carter

“‘Melvin and O.V. were very tight, he was the guitar player for The Sunset Travelers when O.V. was with them, and when he crossed over, Melvin came along with him and started playing in O.V.’s band. “Yes, Melvin wrote Ace of SpadesEight Men, Four Women too! All Robey ever gave him was twenty five dollars for each of them, then when the records came out he took full credit for himself, and never paid Melvin another dime!

The discovery of these demos, which were apparently recorded before O.V. ever signed with Back Beat, points out what a ruthless son of a bitch Robey really was…”

recent releases

“When we spoke with Clifford Curry during the Soul Detective Road Trip this Summer, he gave us a copy of his latest album, The Soul of Clifford Curry. Once we popped it into the CD player in the rental car, we never took it out! With a bang-up production job by old hands Bruce Dees and Clayton Ivey, Clifford’s amazing songwriting never sounded better…”